Private Label Perfume Manufacturing Process

Step 1: Select Fragrance Scents

It is commonly known that a delicate perfume includes 3 different fragrance notes: top notes, middle or heart notes, and base notes, and different fragrance scent layers combine the notes. If you want to create your signature to address brand uniqueness, please tell us your list of scents. We have more than 200 fragrance scents for your selection. All fragrances are IFRA-approved and comply with international standards and regulations. Otherwise, if you want to choose an existing designer fragrance scent with your label on it, we also can help you with it. Feel free to contact us today. (MOQs?)

Step 2: Choose Bottle & Lid & Sprayer

You can choose from our stock options or propose any special requirements. For example, in the bottle, materials can be glass or plastic; color can be transparent or colored. In the lid, the materials can be plastic, aluminum, zinc alloy, sarin, acrylic, wood, K glue, and glass.
We also provide services in bottle craftsmanship, such as silk printing, gold stamping, decorating firing, laser engraving, etc., to meet your specific needs. Contact us to get your free quote now! (Bottle Sizes?) (Examples of special requirements?)

Step 3: Choose Packaging

As a turn-key solution provider, we can help with the custom packaging design and printing. Our professional service will bring your brand to life, from outer packaging boxes to bottle labels. (How clients get involved in the process?)

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