Are Your products tested on animals?

No, All our products are not tested on animals and we are proud to be cruty free.

Yes, all our fragrances are sythetic, and we don’t deprive substance from animals.

Most of our produtcs are made in China. Some orders will be manufactured in UK by requests.

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Absolutely, our fragrance lab can help you to create your dream sents.

We partner with worldclass fragrance supply firms like Givaudan, IFF, Symrise, Firmenich & CPL Aroma to ensure the best quality of raw materials.

Absolutely, our talented graphic design team will walk you through the entire development process, deliver possible options that best matched with your brand style.

We can be, 70% of our ingredients are sythetic by default, but we also offer the option for fragrance oil to be natrual by request.

We typically accept T/T or W/T payment.

FOB and Ex Works are the two most frequently used terms.

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